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Chess Blog

Chess book review website

Chess for Beginners

Chess improvement blog for adult amateurs.

Daily Chess News

Susan Polgar's Daily Chess News and Information

Dan Heisman’s Blog

Dan Heisman's Blog on

Dana Blog’s Chess

All the chess that is fit to print by Dana Mackenzie.

Chess Blog

Jim West blogs about everything from Paul Morphy to Bobby Fischer

Noob’s Life

Hi! I'm Davide. I love to play chess, but I'm not good at it. I post videos showing my efforts in order to improve in hope of getting some constructive feedback from the audience.


Finding my way in the chessdevelopment- and training jungle in order to improve my rating.

The Chess Improver

Nigel Davies and Friends, on getting better at chess.

The Chess Mind

By Dennis Monokroussos. A blog for chess fans, by a chess fan.


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